7 Life Lessons I have learned through meditation



7 Life lessons I have learned through meditation- Blog Series

I believe that developing a daily meditation practice is the most essential life skills you can learn. I consider it a ‘life skill’ for 2 reasons; one, it is a skill you should practise for life and two, it in turn helps you to understand things about your own life (and life in general) that would otherwise not have been apparent. By simply taking 10 to 15 minutes out of your day to sit, be still, remove any external factors or influences and just be aware of yourself (mind, body and soul) you can get to know who you truly are, and learn more about your own life than any self-help book could tell you.

For me, meditation has been a truly transformational skill. Not only have I learned so much about myself and how I see the world from being able to just sit and be with myself, but through learning these lessons, a lot of the ways in which I saw the world before have changed.

I have therefore decided to begin my own 7-part blog series, to share a few of the life lessons I have learned through meditation. Some of the blogs may resonate with you, some may not, but hey… we’re all experiencing this journey of life in different ways. My hope is that by developing your own daily meditation practice, you will begin to learn lessons which resonate with yourself just as I have, and realise that those lessons have the power to truly change your life.


Catherine x

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