Lesson 3- Self care is important

Lesson number 3 is a meaningful one for me; especially this week. I won’t go into detail, but it’s during these times, when I’m feeling a bit down and the old pangs of anxiety start to creep in a little more, that I find it necessary to remind myself of this lesson- self care is vital.   Last week I talked about slowing down and how life does not necessarily always have to … Read More

Lesson 2- Slow Down

From an early age, I was always one of those people who rushed around trying to get everything done as quickly as possible, running from one place to the next and not really taking in much else around, me; having tunnel vision so to speak. In today’s busy society it seems that it’s ingrained in us to always be seen to be busy, to always be ‘doing’ something. However, … Read More

Lesson 1- Life is all about balance

  The existence of 2 opposites is essential in all areas of life, for example night and day, hot and cold, inbreath and outbreath; it goes without saying that the one would not exist without the other. For example, we would not label ourselves as feeling ‘hot’ if there were no such feeling as ‘cold’ to compare this to. Daytime … Read More