Lesson 3- Self care is important

Lesson number 3 is a meaningful one for me; especially this week. I won’t go into detail, but it’s during these times, when I’m feeling a bit down and the old pangs of anxiety start to creep in a little more, that I find it necessary to remind myself of this lesson- self care is vital.  

Last week I talked about slowing down and how life does not necessarily always have to go at 1000 miles per hour. This weeks’ lesson is related in a way, it’s all about understanding and taking care of  yourself… and not feeling guilty about it! 

Self care can come in a variety of forms, whether it be staying in bed for those extra few hours when you feel like you need it (or the whole day even if its ‘one of those days’) or taking yourself off to get your hair and nails done. It’s basically all about putting yourself first, looking after and loving yourself. Acknowledging those days when you feel rubbish, acknowledging that you need to work on yourself and doing just that.   

For me, self care is about being kind to myself. Realising that some days I may need to just sleep for hours, or I may need to go off on my own for a walk in nature and THAT’S FINE! It’s been a long learning process but I have now learned to not beat myself up for allowing myself this ‘me time’. Putting everyone else before yourself isn’t always the right thing to do, and it’s not selfish to put yourself first sometimes, no matter how much other people or society try to make us believe that it is.  

Those days that we take for ourselves, to sleep, go for a walk, have a long bath, meditate, do yoga etc are essential, not only for our well-being but for our mental health. If you constantly continue to carry on with your everyday life, not acknowledging your own vulnerability or doing anything to care for yourself, something is eventually going to give. Trust me… I’ve been there. What I have learned through practising meditation, is that taking time for myself each day to simply sit with my own mind and body is necessary for me to tackle the day ahead, be productive and get sh*t done! Meditation is my number one form of self-care. The odd glass of wine and dance here and there does also come somewhere in the top 5!… We’re only human after all!   

And remember… don’t feel bad about it. The time we take for ourselves to rest, recuperate and relax is vitally important, don’t feel pressured to be on top form all of the time. This is coming from someone who has been in that crappy place and has overcome the feelings of guilt that comes with taking ‘me time’.   

So, the next time you feel anxious, stressed or are just having a bad day, try not to brush it off or sit wallowing in self pity for (that doesn’t work either)… just accept and acknowledge that this is how you’re feeling and try to think what would make you feel better. Put yourself first for a change. I’m not suggesting you quit your job and fly off to the other side of the world or stay in bed for a week ignoring everyone (as tempting as these things may be)… but simple little things like taking 10-15 minutes to sit and focus on your breath, go for a walk in nature or go for a dance with your besties… doing these small things will make a huge difference. 

You are worth it after all 🙂  

Much love xx 

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