Mantra Meditation Benefits for your Brain

mantra meditation

Mantra meditation benefits are commonly known amongst the yogis, rishis and all over the East. We are so- far behind in terms of vibration healing, but we are catching up fast. You’re probably wondering what is vibrational healing? Or maybe I lost you at Mantra?

The magical benefits of mantra meditation are beyond words and understanding. It lays in the vibration of your being. You have to feel it to really understand it. To feel the movement of sound and it’s vibration. The silence of thoughts. Distracting the brain with your own vibration, chanting, humming, awakening the ecstasy inside of you. Going completely inwards with an outer approach. To connect with our own vibration means connecting with our oice. Getting in touch with the inner silence by working through all the noise. Vibrating the blockages out.

3 Awesome Benefits of Mantra Meditation:

  1. Mantra Meditation Heals your Vibration
om meaning in mantra meditation

Vibration is everything. In Indian philosophy, it is believed that the world was created through the sound om pronounced AUM. Representing all states of consciousness. Chanting this sound takes you back to the source. Connecting on a deep meditative level. Restoring any vibrational imbalances you have and feel emotional and sometimes physically.

TIP: Chant AUM 3, 7 or 108 times for optimal benefits

2. Clear your overloaded Subconscious with Mantra Meditation

girl dancing and clearing her subconscious mind while chanting mantra meditation

We are rarely able to tap in with our subconscious minds. Everyday baggage gets stored here. Stress, anxiety, over thinking, panic, suppression, tension, anger, sadness, revenge. You get the idea. It’s a lot of information for the brain to process. Sometimes things stick or literally get stuck. Yoga teaches us that the subconscious collects impressions. These impressions hinder us from something meditation enhances, clarity. Mantra meditation dives deep into the root of the problem. The vibration distracts the mind and allows those thoughts, feelings and emotions to surface. Once they have reached consciousness they can be released back into the earth.

TIP: Chant Gayatri Mantra a universal prayer mantra, it brings a deep sense of inner peace.

3. Boosts your Immune System

Have you ever heard of the hypothalamus? It’s the part of the brain that controls the communication between the endocrine system and the nervous system. Relaying messages back an forth. It is the most important aspect of the mind-body connection. As chanting can release feelings of ecstasy, it’s due to the increase in serotonin and dopamine levels as controlled by the hypothalamus. We all know the happier we feel the stronger and healthier our bodies are. The body and mind work in synchronicity and vibrational sound is a quick and easy way to access this kind of body-mind connection healing.


Ready to take your Journey into Mantra Meditation? We all have to start somewhere. Chanting can be very daunting at first. Chanting Aum is the quickest and easiest beginner’s mantra meditation.

I hope to see you there.

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