Holistic Mental Health Therapy Tips

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Holistic Mental Health Therapy Tips for May Mental Health awareness month. As this month draws to a close, I thought I’d share some holistic tips to help you better deal with whatever mental health issue you are living with.

Many of us are plagued by modern diseases like anxiety, mood disorders, substance abuse. You are not alone. Stress is a major contributor, societal pressure and trauma to name a few. There are others going through it too, some have overcome it, others are living with it. It’s all part of life’s suffering, unfortunately.

The good thing is that there are ancient practices rising in popularity to help you better deal with mental health. Remember, you are not alone, there are many people just like you. Here are a few practices & tips you can try as holistic mental health therapy aid:

Holistic Mental Health Therapy Tips & Practices

Meditation as a Form of Holistic Mental Health Therapy

Meditation is an ancient practice gaining popularity in the western world. The sages and gurus from the east have known it for years. Meditation is a form of self-help therapy. Guided meditation can help you discover more about yourself. Sitting quietly in contemplation in a group works wonders for your brain & your being.

Mantra Meditation as a form of Sound Therapy

We know meditation is a great self-help aid. Although, sitting still in one spot with a million thoughts running through your mind is difficult. That’s why mantra meditation is more powerful, especially for beginners. Everything in the universe is vibrating. Raising your vibration through mantra or chanting will help distract your mind from consuming thoughts.

Reiki Energy Healing to Holistically Balance your Energy

Reiki or touch therapy is a magical form of energy healing whereby the practitioner channels universal energy to bring equilibrium back into your body & being. This holistic therapy practice is a great aid for balancing the chakras and bringing in emotional stability, peace of mind and optimal well-being.

Talk Therapy

Talking helps, it’s a great form of release. Whether it is with a professional, your energy healer, a psychologist or your dog. Talking about your problems is crucial for self-improvement and mental well-being. Reach out. There are many online platforms, helplines and groups that you can join on Social Media.

Remember, you are not alone and everything in the universe is connected, including you. That means you are needed and you are loved, cosmically and infinitely.

If you are looking to experience any of these holistic mental health therapy practices get in touch with me here or email me at catherine@elestialtherapy.com

This post is in no way condoning holistic therapy as an alternative for any mental illness but acts rather as an aid to speed recovery. Aiding those severally affected as well as those suffering from mild conditions to everyday stress and trauma.

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