Self-Care Rituals to Soothe your Anxiety

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Self-care rituals are a major key to taming that anxiety. A major health concern for the modern day human. Stress, the rush of life, bills, trauma & social conditioning just to name a few.

You can ease your anxiety by creating self-care rituals tailored to your likes and interests. A self-care ritual is something that is practised daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your schedule. It can last up to 1 hour or take as little as 10 minutes of your time. Most self-care rituals can be practised at home, alone and sometimes with a guide or teacher.

Self-Care Rituals to Incorporate into your Daily Life

1. Mindfulness is Key to Self-Care Rituals

The mindfulness hype is here to stay and for obvious reasons too. People are waking up, the earth is in a more conscious phase. Being mindful of everything around you is a great aid in dealing with anxieties of life.

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2. Meditation- Walking, Sitting & Mantra Self-Care Rituals

Meditation is an inner tool for self-discovery, self-love and awakening. There are many different types of meditation to choose from. Walking, sitting and mantra meditation help you come back into the present moment, a key factor in aiding anxiety attacks.

3. A Reiki Session or Healing Session

Reiki is the process of channelling universal energy for optimal well-being. Healing sessions are gaining popularity in the modern world. As people look to alternative forms of healing themselves. In a Reiki Healing Session universal energy is channelled to balance the Chakras, the energy centres of the body. You will feel light and your mind will be at ease after Reiki Healing.

4. Yoga is the ultimate Self-Care Ritual

Physical exercise releases endorphins in the brain. Making you happier & mentally healthier. Yoga is the perfect mind-body connection exercise which means it’s the most ideal candidate for anxiety disorders. The best part is once you know the basics you can practice it at home and make it part of your everyday self-care ritual.

5. Alone Time in Nature

There is no better healer than mother nature. Take a daily walk in the forest, on the beach or even in your garden to ease your anxiety.

6. Quiet Contemplation & Esoteric Practices

Quiet contemplation is like meditation but with a twist. It can be as simple as lighting incense in the morning and setting your intention for the day. Esoteric practices are great for self-healing. Using crystals for gridding, protection and manifesting. These are all great aids in the process of reducing anxiety and embracing self-empowerment.

7. Tea Time – CBD Tea

There are many herbal teas that help with anxiety like chamomile and CBD infused teas. Marijuana, especially CBD is a great healer from our mother earth if used medicinally. If you have the option in your country, give it a try and feel how your nervous system zen out.

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