Inner Balance Relaxation Package

The treatment combines 3 deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatments to help you find calmness and peace of mind, relieving tension stress and anxiety.

Treatments are specifically useful for those suffering with stress anxiety or other similar health issues but everyone can benefit… even if you’re just wanting a bit of ‘me’ time.

Treatments begin with a guided relaxation meditation, allowing you to let go of the day behind you, calming your body and mind. A soothing Indian Head Massage will then deepen the relaxation process, relieving any muscle tension and finished off with a reiki treatment to help balance your mind and body, emotionally and physically.

If you need to find some calmness and balance for your mind, body and soul… look no further.

At home treatment Price – £60
Clinic treatment price- £65

Clinic locations:

Manchester City Centre

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