Sunday Morning Stillness

Three Monthly Meditation Workshops

Sundays 10am-12pm

23rd September- Mindfulness Meditation
21st October- Positive Affirmations
16th December- Loving Kindness

£15 per workshop or book all 3 together for £35

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This set of 3 meditation workshops will help you to slow down, recharge your energy and improve your mindset each month, as well as helping you to learn how to develop your own daily meditation practice at home.

The workshops will be held on the last Sunday of every month in September, October and December at the lovely InHale yoga Studios. Each workshop will cover a different style of meditation, including a look at the history behind the practice, the benefits which each style can bring to your life, as well as the practical side of learning how to meditate and enjoying different guided meditations on the day!

Workshop 1 (23rd September) Mindfulness Meditation- Teaching us how to live in the present moment, to observe our thoughts and feelings with kindness and compassion and to get out of our usual habit of living in our heads and getting tangled up in our thoughts.

Workshop 2 (21st October) Positive Affirmation Meditations- Helping us to feel better about and improve our relationship with ourselves.

Workshop 3 (16th December) Loving Kindness Meditation- An ancient practice stemming from Buddhist philosophy, which helps us to practice love and compassion towards others, helping us to become more empathetic and improve our relationships with other people.

All 3 workshops together will help you to develop your own meditation practice, find balance in your life, and create a happier, more peaceful mind.

Workshops are for all levels of meditators- no experience is needed.

Places are limited and so advanced booking is required for individual and bulk booking!