Mindful Mantras – Weekly Meditation Classes in Hazel Grove

Tuesday evenings 19.45- 20.45

£6 per class, or 4 upfront for £20

email Catherine@elestialtherapy.com to book your place.

Mindfulness meditation allows us to bring our awareness into the present moment, by calming down the constant stream of thoughts in our mind. It helps us to change our state of being from living on autopilot and constantly reacting to the external world, to one that is centred and focussed.

Mantra meditation involves the repetition of words or sounds, which help us to tune into different energy frequencies. We can use mantras to help calm our mind, reduce feelings of stress or anxiety, induce positive inner states such as happiness, peace and love, as well as helping in the process of manifesting the thing we may want in life.

These hour long sessions combine both mindfulness meditation and mantras each week, in a relaxing and supportive environment. The meditations will involve some self-practice, and so ideally you will have some prior experience of meditation. If you have practiced meditation for a while, this class will help you to deepen your understanding of the practices, as well as providing a beautiful environment and energy to meditate in. If you have never practiced meditation before, feel free to come along to the group, however you may wish to join a beginners’ meditation course first (see studio schedule for more details).

Classes are run by Catherine, a trained and accredited meditation teacher and qualified meditation teacher trainer with the British School of Meditation. Catherine combines her own knowledge and experience of meditation practices in Monasteries and Ashrams throughout the East, with experience of using meditation to help cope with the stresses and strains of modern living in the West. These classes will provide you with useful tools to help you find some peace in your everyday life.