Private Classes & Courses

Learn meditation from the comfort of your own home or one of our clinic locations by booking a taster one to one session or 5 week course, covering different meditation and mindfulness types and techniques

Clinic locations in Didsbury and Chorlton

One to One Relaxation Meditation Classes

Learn basic meditation techniques and try out a few different styles of meditation to kick start your own practice at home, helping you to rest, relax and fin your inner balance and stillness.

One to one guidance is given to help you find the best practice to suit you, based on your own personal reasons for learning meditation, as well as an insight into the many benefits you will achieve by developing your own daily practice. Any questions which you have on the subject can be discussed in-depth on a one to one basis.

Classes are held for 60 minutes at a venue chosen by you.

Clinic Price: £30 per session (or book a 5 week course for £125)
Home Price : £25 per session (or book a 5 week course for £100)

One to One Mindfulness Courses

‘Personal Training for the brain’

A 5 week course tailored to suit your own personal needs. Learn different mindfulness meditation techniques in depth and follow a 5 week course to gradually develop your own meditation and mindfulness practice. By the end of the course, you will have an in-depth understanding of various types of meditation and their benefits and be confident and able to meditate on your own, having found the best practice to suit you. A reading list for recommended reading around the subject will be provided as well as one to one guidance and help in your learning. You will be encouraged to keep a meditation journal throughout the course, to help you keep track of your progress and all questions you have can be discussed in depth on a one to one basis.

The course also includes support between each lesson and a personalised plan to help you commit to your own practice.

Each session is for 60 minutes and can take place at a venue chosen by you and all clients are welcome to a free 20 minute telephone consultation first to find out if this course is right for you!

Clinic Price: £175 (or £45 per week)
Home Price: £150 (or £40 per week)

Please contact Catherine at or click here to book your session or course or for more information.